Need to get get rid of bulky waste?

If you have bulky waste to dispose of, a HIPPOBAG is the perfect solution; quick, cost–effective and convenient. There are no rental fees and no time limit, so you don’t have to rush through your project or worry if you take a little longer than originally planned.  Even our pre-paid bag & collection package gives you a full year to redeem it.

Just fill the bag as you would a skip, and whenever you’re ready simply book the collection online, or over the phone with our dedicated and helpful customer services team.  HIPPO will aim to collect within 5 workings days anywhere on the UK mainland, and you don’t even need to be present when we do. 

In fact we can even collect from your drive or over your garden fence as long as we can get to the bag handles and it’s less than 2 metres high.  To find out more about positioning your HIPPOBAG, take a look at the links to the right of this page.

HIPPOBAGs can be bought from many larger DIY stores and certain independent stockists around the country. Alternatively, you can order the HIPPOBAG of your choice from the website which will arrive flat-packed within 1-2 days. For a quick overview of our HIPPOBAG product range and how the process works, please watch our video below.

For lighter bulkier waste such as furniture, packaging, insulation and kitchen unit rip-outs, we’d recommend using either our MEGABAG or HIPPOSKIP

For smaller projects the MEGABAG is a 1.5 tonne, 1.5 cubic yard bag that opens out to 1.8m x 0.9m x 0.7m.  That’s big enough to hold an entire bathroom suite.

For larger projects the HIPPOSKIP holds 1.5 tonnes of waste and is a whopping 4.5 cubic yards.  It opens out to 2.1m x 1.65m x 1m and can hold a standard kitchen rip-out.

Here at HIPPO we provide an easy solution for bulk waste collection throughout the UK including these major cities: Bath, Bristol, Bournemouth, Brighton, Coventry, Durham, Essex, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Reading, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Northampton, York.

Other Services

The innovative HIPPOBAG is a multi-use waste disposal solution, our range of options means you can always pick the right bag for the job: MIDIBAG, MEGABAG, or the HIPPOSKIP. Our waste removal services include: loft clearance, kitchen rip-out disposal, bathroom rip-out disposal, garden waste clearance.

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